About us

Hi there!

 We're Don and Marlene York, owners of Azalea Hills Pens.  We're so glad you stopped by our store!

We began our store years ago, selling pens from a small shop on our farm. This year we decided to move our business completely online, and we’re excited about the change!

Our online store is not that different from our farm shop, with one big exception.  With our online company, Marlene doesn’t have to get up to answer about the door!

In our new online Azalea Hills Pens store, we’re featuring the same high quality, artisan-crafted pens that we are known for—each one handmade by Don.  We’re also continuing to design and create pens that show our values of patriotism, gun ownership, and support of our Second Amendment rights. 

Within our collections you’ll find pens that reflect all these values, along with some tributes to the natural beauty in the Pacific Northwest.

We love creating these unique and special pens, and are honored to offer them to others.  We think they’re a great way to show your own patriotism and loyalty to American values, and we hope you feel the same!